Using Hypnosis & NLP

Become Your Desired Weight

Lose Weight Only to Regain it Again?

It's time to free your mind from the blockages that are holding you back and discover that slimmer, happier, healthier person that already exists deep within you. There are a few different ways to approach weight loss and your specific circumstances will determine which one is best.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program -
The weight loss program is perfect for people who have gained weight through bad eating habits and just can't seem to lose it. It changes your relationship with food to stop food cravings and emotional eating patterns. It is a complete program with eating plans, personalised Hypnotherapy sessions plus ongoing recordings.

It also works to increase your metabolism in three different ways:
1. Through the types of food you eat
2. Through the type of movement you do
3. Through Hypnotherapy

'Virtual Gastric Band' Hypnotherapy Program -
This is a four session program designed for people who over-eat and have overly large portions. It works to make you feel fuller quicker and therefore eat much less food, and be satisfied with much smaller portions. It is very effective at eliminating food cravings and assists people to lose weight quickly, easily and permanently. It's a wonderful weight loss program that has been clinically tested to have better long term results that the actual gastric band surgery.

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"I've been seeing Juanita for 5 weeks now doing the VGB program. I am seeing improvements in my energy levels, stress and most of all I have stopped snacking during the day. So far I have lost 4 kgs since starting. Thank you Juanita!" (Emma Barbaro)

"2 dress sizes and 15 kgs down! I have been really surprised at how my mind has suddenly switched and there is no longer a barrage of thoughts about food. That sounds a bit weird but even during my previous weightloss journey I was losing weight and eating sensibly, I didn't realise how much I thought about food and eating, even if it was positive thoughts about healthy food. I feel light. The best way I can describe it is like having a headache or a back pain for so long that you don't realise you have it, until it's gone." (Maria Smith)
"Wow o wow! I wanted to lose 20kg after having a baby and I just couldn't get off the sugar. I was sceptical with hypnotherapy, but just 1 treatment and I no longer have sugar cravings during the day. Now I can lose weight with a fresh start. If you're thinking about it then go ahead." (Rebecca Murr)

"I heard about Juanita through a friend and was told she was effective. I'm very pragmatic in my approach to things and had some reservations around this form of treatment. I have been struggling with my weight for most of my life (I'm 37). Most recently, I would have a solid gym/nutrition plan but would wake up in the middle of the night to binge on snacks and destroy all my efforts for the day - didn't know why and knew this was toxic but could not overcome this. This became a thing for the last few years and came to the conclusion that this had to be addressed in a different way for a different outcome. Fast forward - I've had one session with Juanita 5 weeks ago and have not woken up in the middle of the night once since that one session. I weighed 120kg at the time of the first meeting, I now weigh 113kg and on track to reach our discussed goal of 95kg by end July. Juanita delivers from her side but you must meet her halfway to ensure success is achieved. My life is in the process of changing and cant wait to reach my desired goal weight. She gets 5 stars from me" (Pablo Mercado)
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