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Will it Be Like the Movies?

For some of us, topics we don't fully understand often become what we fear. Hypnosis is one of those topics that gets a bad rap. It is hard to define, even by leading experts today, and therefore hypnosis has a certain level of mystique. Unrealistic beliefs and expectations of hypnosis and what it will feel […]

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Quit Smoking - Does Hypnosis Really Work?

If you or someone you know is a smoker who has struggled to quit in the past, and you’ve had short-term success but succumbed to a trigger and now feel fed up, you’re not alone! Like others, you have probably tried patches and other nicotine replacement therapies. Perhaps once, maybe even twice, you gave up […]

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A Different World

What If Freud Had Never Changed His Mind? Would We Think Differently if Freud Had Never Changed His Mind? Traditionally, Hypnosis is often the 'last desperate attempt' to get help, rather than the first 'go to' treatment. As a Hypnotherapist treating clients, we see first-hand how effective Hypnosis is.  Often clients have sought multiple different […]

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