I have been on quite a journey over the last 5 years with an overactive bladder causing me to visit the toilet and urinate up to 6 times a night. This was very disruptive to my sleeping patterns and was causing a negative impact on my life.

After a medical procedure to identify the problem I was put on heavy weight drugs and it was suggested that I have a procedure once a year to “band-aid” the issue. The drugs only reduced the frequency of urination from 6 to 3-4 times per night, which was disappointing.
A last ditch suggestion of seeing a hypnotist was given to me and the results have been truly remarkable. After only 2 sessions I am now getting up once per night to urinate and have stopped taking the drugs. I cannot express my gratitude to Juanita. Traditional medicine wanted to medicate or operate regularly and through hypnosis I am now cured. It really is quite something.

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