Take a weight off your mind: How virtual gastric band hypnosis achieves lasting results

Obesity is a growing concern. By medical standards, obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of over 30. With our sedentary lifestyle, demand for convenient fast food, high stress levels, comfort eating, processed and fattening food choices, obesity is a national epidemic.

I once attended a seminar to listen to world-renowned Dr Gary Small, whose research into longevity and healthy ageing has made him a leading authority. He showed us the stats and asked us why did we think that obesity numbers start to drop after the age of 40? And the answer is because of the number of deaths linked to obesity. Obesity kills.

You may be familiar with Gastric Band surgery, which ultimately restricts the size of the stomach and the amount of food it can hold. It also slows the passage of food to the intestine. During the surgery a band is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a golf ball-sized pouch.

Unfortunately, there are many long-term side effects and often recipients find sneaky ways to eat without breaking the band, or simply just break the band.  It can cause all sorts of mental health issues because unconscious patterning still compels a person to eat large portions, comfort eat, eat sugar and junk food, and all the other things that made them obese in the first place.

A much safer alternative is the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Hypnosis.  This groundbreaking VGB treatment was developed in Europe in the 1990s, has been further developed and fine-tuned so now it’s highly effective! In fact, studies show a success rate of over 90%! 

The short-term effects of this program are extremely successful without the discomfort, complications, side effects and cost of the actual gastric band surgical procedure.

Clinical trials have shown the long-term results are amazingly positive because this process engages the co-operation of the unconscious mind. And no change is permanent until it is an unconscious change.

This program is not simply a hypnotic process to make the client feel like they have had a band placed around their stomach. It is far more than that. It encompasses many conscious and unconscious processes to ensure that the changes are permanent. It actually helps the client to completely change their mindset about eating and their relationship with food.

As with all our treatments, the VGB program is specifically tailored to the individual and covers any issues, which are relevant to the client such as motivation, sugar addiction, stress eating and metabolism. Using hypnosis, it works by virtually putting a band around the stomach so that it is the size of a golf ball and you get full fast!  This is so powerful that after the “operation” my clients will often comment on a “post-op” twinge in their stomach.  

Did you know that the natural size of your stomach is the same size as a golf ball? We only need small amounts of food to live and be healthy.  As a society we overeat, which is why obesity is such a huge issue.  Many clients come to me because they have been programmed to have their meal portion sizes oversized and are often in the habit of going back for seconds. They often snack, comfort eat, mindlessly eat…

If you think about this: You wouldn’t go to the petrol station and fill your car with fuel, and when it is full, keep pumping the petrol in so that it overflows throughout the car.  But if you keep forcing food into your body and keep overeating, then that is what you do to your body. Making your body like a tired old worker who doesn’t stop working, a tired old worker trying to get through everything, overloaded, so looking forward to that time when everything is done and they can relax … but then someone gives them the next thing to do … and if you eat non-stop then your body, your digestive system is a little like that worker never getting any real time off before there is another job to do… another thing to process… never getting any downtime … never getting any real time off. When I work with clients throughout this program they go from large portion sizes, mindless eating and not giving their tired bodies any real time off, to finding they are satisfied on three small meals per day. This program works because it rewires the unconscious programming. It breaks up that patterning that has been ingrained over a lifetime!  You are no longer battling with that unconscious patterning. Instead you are using willpower.

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