Hypnotherapy Is Natural & Effective

Master Your Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Master Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Want to Ease Your Anxiety & Panic?

Our minds work on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind stores all our past memories, experiences, habits and everything we have ever learnt which makes up our programming. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis, we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. Hypnosis makes it easy to change any unwanted programming such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and even PTSD.

These conditions drastically affect your quality of life. Feelings of worry, fear and restlessness can make daily tasks seem like such a struggle. They can impact your confidence, your relationships, your sleep patterns, your work and so many other areas of your life.

Hypnotherapy offers an extremely safe and effective method of combating these feelings, helping you get your life back. Clinically proven to provide powerful therapeutic benefits, hypnotherapy empowers you to make meaningful and positive changes to your life at a deep, unconscious level.

As well as releasing unwanted conditions, clients find that they gain confidence, happiness, joy, calm, peace, contentment and all the things they desire to live their best life and be the best versions of themselves.
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"Juanita treated my post traumas. The journey was wonderful that I won't never forget it. It was exactly what Juanita described beforehands that it will be up and down but at the end it will be a huge leap. In one session I was overwhelmed with fear and guilt from distant pass memories. In another I found my mind wandering to places I never thought of. At the end, I was able to actually see and protect the little insecure "me". So much happiness and confidence in me now. Definitely recommended!" (Jay Tran)
"Well, it's some months now since I had my sessions with Juanita so I thought it timely to post an update on my review.

The significant things for me were grief, after having lost my only amazing brother in a light plane crash 16 years ago, and the barrage of very loud, derogatory voices in my head.

No I'm not bi-polar or nuts! But I thought I was.

After going through a very difficult time, a couple of years ago, the voices became very loud, constant and I would often find myself shouting out loud, "shut-up"!

With the therapy I have actually found peace for the first time in my life. The change is incredibly dramatic for me. I still have that inner voice, as we all do, but now it is no longer so loud, nor so disparaging. I have an inner stillness that I've never had in my life before. It is so very hard to explain but it has given me peace, comfort and increased my confidence in myself as a human being.

The grief had become a part of who I was and how I identified myself, and it was not something I wanted to let go. The truth is though that my highly intelligent brother would not have approved of my holding on to it. He would not have been impressed at all. After losing his wife as well two years ago, the grief and sorrow for their children threatened to swamp me. Although I will always feel the loss deeply I know that I cannot live with the dead, and they would not want me to. The sessions with Juanita created a little cushioning around my grief so I know it's there but it doesn't overwhelm me.

I could not express how much this has changed my life and I cannot thank Juanita enough. It's something I would never have thought to do.

I highly recommend these sessions and have become a true advocate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Juanita. :) x"
(Rita Christo)
"I have had such a positive result from therapy with Juanita. the transformation over 8 weeks and 4 sessions amazes me. I have suffered anxiety most of my adult life and felt like I had exhausted other avenues. Now I am able to be more present in life and not get caught up in the cycle that was not serving me. Thank you Juanita" (Kellie Connell)

"I first went to give up smoking. I was so impressed by the hypnotherapy, which made me stop smoking. I have been back to Juanita four more times to work with my anxiety, stress and insomnia. I feel amazing and so much lighter as a person and I'm sleeping. Highly recommended." (Deanna Harken)

"I called Juanita to help me with my anxiety that I have had for a while. She is very professional and full of knowledge and heart. After one hypnotherapy session I felt the difference in my life and began to attract positive things and people. My life will never be the same! I can't thank you enough! I highly recommend Juanita's session!" (Brigitta Polsz)

"Have been doing the anxiety and depression sessions. I'm not only feeling 110% better with myself, I've got my old me back, feeling happier, more self confident and feeling like my life has more meaning. Thank you so much for helping me find me again." (Lee Neilson)

"My journey with Juanita has been the breakthrough I needed. We worked out a program and it's been so good. I feel much better and I learnt so much about the power of the human mind. Nothing short of amazing. Juanita was born to make people feel better and happier. Thank you Juanita you gave me wisdom and strength." (Sarah Ismail)
"If you are reading this then you are already in the right place. I reached out to Juanita after BEING tired, drained, powerless and FEELING like a victim in life, finding myself in the same situations job after job, relationship after relationship. I knew the common denominator was me but I was lacking the insight to truly change!

With Juanita's guidance and experience I was able to put the past where it belongs (and stop allowing it to cloud my future). I stopped giving away my power. I replaced feelings of pain and suffering with joy and inspiration. I have learned, and have the tools to ongoingly "get out of my own way" and let the real me show up. I have a lot to contribute to those I love and who love me and I am so glad to have this refreshing approach to life. I wish the same for you as I want to live in a world that is filled with inspiring, adventurous, joyful and fun people.
BTW: I completed our sessions online with a 14 hour time difference! "
(Stephen Berney)
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