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Is It A Habit Or An Addiction?

The Step By Step System To Take Back Control And Gain Freedom
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Juanita Smith

Juanita is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnosis, Author, Addictions and Trauma Specialist and Life Coach.

Juanita has an additional qualification of a Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialist and was trained using techniques that are the most advanced and comprehensive in Australia.

As well as being a Quit Smoking Specialist, Juanita is also a Trauma specialist (PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, depression) and Ideal Weight Specialist. She also works with clients for phobias, public speaking, confidence and anything else they want to change in their lives.

Juanita is registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, is certified and registered and is a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapies. You can be sure about getting the best support from a trusted and recommended Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Juanita is author of “Is It A Habit Or An Addiction?” and Co-Author of “Empowering Stories From Female Leaders Who Said YNot” She was featured in the July 2020 issue of YMag as one of YMag’s 8 Female Thought Leaders in 2020.

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