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Perspective – Is Yours Holding You Back?

You’ve probably heard this before but there are generally two types of people in this world; those who are the eternal optimists who see the world with a ‘my cup is half full’ kind of vibe and the others who view things from the ‘my cup is half empty’ point of view. There is no right or wrong with this, it is simply one’s personal perspective.

Perspective however, can really pack a punch in how we feel about life and its goings on. Perspective can change how we feel about things, it can change your mindset and outlook on everything. If you can change the way you view the world around you, yourself and others you can have a completely different life experience.

Let’s have a closer look at perspective – here’s one definition, perspective is a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view’

Perspective is your point of view. It’s the lens you see the world through and determines how you view yourself, others and everything around you.

So, what if the way you view yourself, specific events, experiences or other people is tarnished with negativity? For example, do you resonate with the following examples; do you see:

  • problems rather than challenges
  • failure rather than learning
  • rejection rather than redirection
  • discomfort rather than growth
  • pain rather than opportunity

If so, you’re not alone. In a world where we’re busy and often tired, stressed and too preoccupied to live in the moment it’s hard to take stock of our personal perspective. Like many of our behaviours we can be guilty of ignoring our perspective and let it gradually slide to one that drags us down, creating an on-going cycle of negative emotions and reactions to situations and experiences.

For the lucky ones, a simple change of vocabulary can spark a positive response, for example instead of saying ‘I have to make my kid’s dinner’ you could say I get to make my kid’s dinner’ or instead of telling yourself ‘I should’ve said something’ support yourself and tell yourself ‘I chose to say nothing this time’

In the above examples just changing one or two words changes the feeling, the lens, the filter and therefore the experience …if only life was so easy for all of us!

You see, perspective can also be influenced and shaped by past experiences, traumas and/or other people. The way you view the world is your own filter but you’ve created this filter through your reactions to various people and events. It’s often a learned behaviour. What is difficult to see for ourselves is just how powerful our filter really is; especially when we don’t bother to tend to it. 

It’s these more negatively charged perspectives that become unhealthy. These are the ones that tell us we’re not good enough, we’re not worthy, we’re too poor or stupid to do or to learn that. And so, we create barriers and boundaries and we stop growing or challenging ourselves. We end up limiting our experiences and then wonder why other people have better lives.

A consistently negative perspective will hold you back – always searching for and finding the bad or the unlucky and never seeking the gift or opportunity present. It’s a self-imposed limitation and it can rob you of fulfilling your dreams. 

The age-old advice of being grateful for what we do have and not focusing on what we don’t have is always great advice. But, if you’re wanting the confidence to tackle a career change or take on something new or perhaps you want to let go of baggage, then being grateful alone may not be the easiest path to success.

This is exactly where clinical hypnotherapy comes in handy. Stop giving away your personal power, take back control of your thoughts and how you view the world around you. Make life a happier existence and open yourself to what is available if you look for it.

Hypnotherapy as a healing modality can quickly and painlessly help you erase and overcome any self-imposed limitations. Hypnotherapy can rapidly shift long-term issues and/or behaviours by working directly with the unconscious mind, which by the way, is incredibly adaptable and has the power to change.

Hypnotherapy can help you bring positive change into your life by clearing negative life experience and hurt, letting go of destructive negative beliefs and lead you to live a self-loving and empowered life. 

A change in perspective, how we see life itself, can have far-reaching benefits. Like I said previously, there is no right or wrong regarding a positive or negative perspective but things are way easier when we open ourselves to love, possibility and opportunity. Perspective is everything. The moment we change our perspective, we start to rewrite the chemistry of our body.

See what my client Brenda had to say after receiving hypnotherapy from me:

Confidence regained!!!! I've been on a journey of self-development for almost half my life now and whilst I've grown in so many ways, I've also had my fair share of knocks along the road. Spiritual practices have helped me to be a much happier person but deep down I still had trouble believing that I had the ability to change my limiting beliefs, that I had what it takes to be, do and have what I want. To stop feeling like a failure! - Brenda

I walked away from one session with Juanita and felt very different! More confident, switched on and ready to start manifesting the life of my dreams. Opportunities presented themselves the very next day. Can’t wait to see how another couple of sessions can get any better than this!

Thank you dear Juanita, you have found your calling

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