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Juanita’s Book:

Is It A Habit Or An Addiction?

That dreaded feeling… you know the one. A mixture of numbness, disbelief and confusion that whispers, “How did I let it get this far?”

You flip between worry that you’re not in charge anymore and fear that you’ll be lost without the comfort of that… thing! You want to break free, but deep-down, you worry failure is ‘your thing.’
Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, cigarettes or something else, an addiction doesn’t need to be a life sentence. This ground-breaking book is a must read for anyone who wants to take their power back!
Throughout this book you’ll feel:

– SATISFACTION knowing you have the steps you’ll need to break free
– Back in the driver’s seat with this EASY system
– CERTAIN that you can stay free
– COMFORT knowing you have the power to say NO to addiction and YES TO LIFE!

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Freedom is Easier Than You Think:

Juanita’s Step-By-Step System

By following Juanita Smith’s step by step system, FREEDOM is easier than you think.

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