Simon Smallfield

“I had been wanting and attempting to quit smoking for years with varying results but ultimately have been unsuccessful. I was given Juanita’s details and have never looked back. I was sceptical after patches, chewing gums, books you name it, but I have been blown away by this treatment. Smoking always knocked down my confidence, made me feel weak, it always had the control and final say over me…I hated this. This ‘rewiring’ of the brain has been an absolute godsend, and it’s been so easy. Naturally you need to want to stop and as you can read I did. That’s all I needed to do!!

The ‘cravings’ that I always suffered through other attempts just weren’t there…I still had the feelings in my body that would usually send the signal to the brain, you know the one that little voice in the back of the head going on and on and on ‘have a cigarette’
I could feel that this was when I’d have a ciggie but it wasn’t transmitting that to my brain. I just took a breath and it went away.

Im shocked at how effective this was, and happy, so so so happy that I’ve got that evil addiction and substance out of my body and can’t believe it was this straight forward after all these years.
Even all the triggers like drinking, stress, good times, bad times you name it no cravings.

Juanita is friendly, open, honest and there for support, she and this quit smoking hypnotherapy have been amazing and I would seriously and highly recommend this to anyone…well actually I do, anyone who’ll listen really. Do yourself a favour and try it.”

Simon Smallfield

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