The ‘Anger’ Loop

Almost everyone, or quite possibly EVERY ONE knows the feeling of anger – even very young babies are not immune to this powerful emotion.  Some people live with it in small doses and others hold so much anger it is difficult for them to cope.  

Regina Meredith and Bill McKenna recently presented a segment on about negative emotional patterns and it resonated with me, in particular in regard to anger and how we hang on to it.

“Our life experiences pile up inside us with thoughts and feelings attached to them.  For example, with one experience after the next we get feelings in our body, then when we have the feeling we associate thoughts with it, then when we have that thought it further fuels the feeling – it’s a repetitive loop that just goes on and on and on.” Bill McKenna

As we get older, over time, anger literally becomes a drain of energy, a drain of our life-force and it is not unusual to have less energy day-to-day and find daily life taxing.  Things happen, we act emotionally, then we get stuck there and there we stay getting a little duller each day as we drain our energy.

Ultimately it takes its toll mentally, emotionally and physically.

Childhood memories and upbringing shapes our perception and reality. Perhaps anger originated from your childhood. Perhaps you experienced something traumatic but you didn’t have a voice or space to express yourself. As noted earlier, over time, this can lead to a build-up of anger. So much so that you become a person who explodes over the slightest irritation.

Perhaps you haven’t been able to process the events of your life.  If part of you has not been able to heal it is highly likely you’re suffering from anger in some form. Often these memories are stored in our unconscious minds so that we don’t even know why we feel angry about something. 

Feeling angry and expressing it in appropriate circumstances can be empowering. You are thought of as a strong and inspirational person. On the other hand, when there is a build-up of supressed anger from past memories and events it becomes a problem. This anger will often erupt unexpectedly and inappropriately.

“If this pattern is not released and healed in the short time it becomes your temperament. If it is not released and healed in the long term it becomes your personality.”

Anger is a negative emotion. Anger is not something that should be held on to. Anger can make us sick.  Anger also destroys relationships and opportunities. It robs you of happiness. It drains you. It drains the people around you. It causes anxiety, depression, shame, grief, guilt and pain.

Another point to consider is that other emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, humiliation, anxiety etc. can all contribute to anger.  Any emotion left to smoulder has the chance to grow into anger, which we then need to release somehow.  Hopefully appropriately.  The best way?  Break the anger loop!

There are various methods of working with releasing anger but working with the unconscious mind is the most effective and efficient path to healing and breaking the anger loop.

McKenna notes ‘…treatment on a conscious level is often not dealing with the feelings we carry about certain experiences or triggers.’ 

On one hand maybe the mind doesn’t know that the thought or feeling is no longer serving us.  On another hand, maybe the conscious mind doesn’t know there is a loop at all.

“When you break the connection between thought and feeling you eliminate that loop. When the feeling goes away, the thought goes away – if I don’t have a feeling, I don’t have a loop.”Bill McKenna

Our conscious minds are only about 5% of our mind power whereas our unconscious mind is about 95% – your feelings, imprints, traumas from life experiences are ALL stored in your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a highly effective way to release anger. Not only can pent up anger be released on an unconscious level but it can also heal and release the feelings that are at the original cause of your present difficulties.  Whether the core feelings are fear, sadness or something else.  

Hypnosis can clear and heal the very first event of significance which was the birthplace of that feeling.

Hypnotherapy deals directly with the unconscious mind and will break the connection between thought and feeling and eliminate the loop that is the anger, frustration etc. When we clear our anger and the feelings and thoughts associated with it, we clear our energy and become revitalised, feel more alive, happier, lighter and have more energy and spark.

Now is the perfect time to break your anger loops and clear your emotional patterns.

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