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Using The Art of Self-hypnosis to Get What You Want

A fellow hypnotherapist shared her experience with me of practising self-hypnosis during a deep teeth procedure at the dentist.

A deep teeth cleaning procedure cleans between the teeth and gums all the way down to the roots and typically requires a local anaesthetic. You know the drill… lol! Loud screeching drill reverberating right through to the ears, sprays of cold water, and deep scraping between the teeth, deep into the gums. The usual tension in the hands and fingers as you hold on to the chair arms and pray for it to be over soon? Anyone remembering what that’s like yet?

Well my colleague described to me how she went through the entire thing with ease, without anaesthetic. She used self-hypnosis.

My colleague visualised herself on a beautiful beach feeling calm and peaceful. She used her surroundings in the dentist chair to simulate the experience of the beach. As she lay in the dentist chair, she imagined and remembered the beautiful warm sun on the beach, the bright light above her as she lay in the dentist chair, to her, became the sun.

The dentist interrupted her relaxing self-hypnosis every now and then and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want an anaesthetic? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” she told him. She even imagined she was smiling on the inside as she calmly returned to her peaceful ocean ponderings.

Each time the dentist’s assistant sprayed water, my colleague likened it to how refreshing the sea breeze and cool water from the ocean waves was. The spray of water soothed her warm face from the sun above. She could even imagine the sound of the waves from the ocean each time the assistant sprayed, in fact, the distant drilling sound in her mind, became the memory of seagulls calling as she lazed upon the beach.

She found herself in a blissful self-induced state, aware that the distant pain was there but not actually feeling it and the only interruption was from the dentist asking every so often, “Are you ok?”

The experience became a timeless moment, that could have been a few minutes or it could have been an hour. It was as though time stood still and next thing she knew the dentist was saying, “well done, I’m finished.”

The many uses of hypnosis

Not only is self-hypnosis an amazing tool for pain relief and addressing fear or phobia (like the dentist), when you know how, it is often used to boost confidence, release anxiety and stress, lose weight and break unwanted habits. In fact, hypnosis is a safe and harmless way to change any unwanted behaviour. It is a relaxed state which you will naturally find yourself in every day. 

Wellbeing Coach, Middle Aged Woman Practicing Mindful Acceptance Meditation. Positive Mindset Concept

Waking hypnosis – you do it already

The state of hypnosis happens naturally, for everyone frequently throughout the day.

  • Think about times when you’ve been driving from A to B and you can’t remember the entire journey… you will have been in a driving trance.
  • Or engrossed in a good book or movie, even when you daydream or fantasize, even when you remember back in time to a previous event, or imagine forward to tomorrow…

These are all examples of being in a self-hypnosis trance state.

When you know how, there are easy ways to enhance the beneficial effects of practising self-hypnosis, it can become a great tool for self-improvement if you’re striving to be the best version of yourself.

Why is hypnosis so powerful?

Hypnosis is so powerful and beneficial because it calms the nervous system and bypasses your conscious analysing mind. Giving you access to your unconscious in the brain wave state that maximises learning. In this state, you can release, heal and reprogram your unconscious mind to get more of what you want.

The experience of self-hypnosis is similar to meditation except you’re adding positive suggestions. Like meditation it takes practise.  So here’s a few tips to make your self-hypnosis experience more beneficial.

Make it better and better

  • When preparing your suggestions, say them in the present tense
  • State suggestions in the positive

For example, use positive present tense statements like:

  1. “My base body weight is now reset to a perfect 65kgs”, rather than
  2. “I am going to lose weight.”

Suggestion two is not in the present tense (‘going to’ is in the future) and it is stated in the negative (lose). Whereas suggestion one is in the present tense (is now) and very positive, e.g. reset to a perfect 65kg.

For your self-hypnosis session:

  1. Organise a quiet comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed
  2. Be prepared with the intention for your outcome and the positive and ‘in the now’ suggestions.
  3. Start by physically relaxing your body, clear your mind and focus on your breathing.
  4. Focus on a relaxing and peaceful scene such as a beach like my colleague did or somewhere that you consider peaceful if the beach is not your thing.
  5. Imagine yourself going down steps or a lift or anything where you can count from 10 to 0 to calm your mind and relax yourself deeper.
  6. Use your prepared suggestions, repeating them silently in your mind, or you can pre-record the and play them to yourself.
  7. When listening to the suggestions, allow your imagination to playact and pretend, like you might remember doing as a child. Immerse yourself into whatever you’re visualising as if it is real right now. Imagine the sounds, smells, textures, add colour and activate your senses and emotional connection to the suggestions. Let your body become involved in the experience by noticing and enhancing the sensations.
  8. When you’re ready simply take a deep breath and count yourself out from 0 to 10. At 10 you’ll come back to the present moment feeling refreshed and as though time had stood still.
  9. The more your practice, the more you’ll go deeper and experience it with all of your senses.

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