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Hypnotherapy As A Career

Clinical hypnotherapists are in the fortunate field of exploring the power of the human mind. Even more fortunately, hypnotherapists get to witness what the power of the human mind can do to heal, invigorate and transform lives.  A hypnotherapist can undoubtedly fast-track a person’s healing and minimise the suffering of one’s physical, mental and/or emotional concerns.

Hypnotherapy is perfect for someone looking for a career change or someone looking to enhance his or her current practice.  It’s a field that can suit people from a wide range of backgrounds and a skill that can be learned with the right training and most importantly, the right attitude and a desire to help others.

The desire and commitment to help others, the ability to understand and empathise with clients, and the personal qualities of having a warm heart and an open mind will be the essential elements required to become an effective hypnotherapist.

Why Is A Career In Hypnotherapy Worth It?

Work-life Balance

When you work as a clinical hypnotherapist you are your own boss, you run your own enterprise and you call the shots.  You decide who you accept as your clients and when and how many hours you will work each week. Flexibility to do the things you want to do will be yours again – you can plan your work around your life instead of planning your life around your work. 

A Little On The Side

As your own boss you can choose how much work you do.  If you have a job or career that you already enjoy but want to earn extra money, or simply have a passion to help others and wish to fulfill that passion, then you can have a part-time clinic.  You can easily set up a private space within your own home or office and see just a few clients each month.

It’s a Lucrative Career

Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the most financially rewarding natural therapy modalities available. Depending on how much you want to work you can create a business earning very decent money from just 15 hours per week.  Rates vary among therapists depending on their experience and specific treatments or programs offered but generally a top end hypnotherapist with highly effective treatments can charge $200 to $300 per hour, which is a high hourly rate for doing something so worthwhile. 

Personally Rewarding

People who choose to work in a healing modality often choose to do so because of their desire to help others.  Witnessing your client’s transformation is the most rewarding result of all.  Because hypnotherapy is such a quick and effective treatment you get to share this with people all the time. Knowing you’ve made a difference is one of the most wonderful and rewarding feelings you can have.

Easy To Transition To

If you’re wanting a career change the transition to a clinical hypnotherapist is relatively easy.  You don’t have to study a university degree for 4 to 6 years whilst working another job to support yourself through it.  You will have to undertake focused learning however, a good quality course isn’t about the length of time it takes to complete but how comprehensive the training is. Quality training will teach you proper techniques to work WITH clients and do so via a step-by-step process using tested quality scripts and practical application.  And once you’ve successfully completed the learning and achieved the qualification you can start treating clients and earning money. You’ll pay off the cost of your training very quickly. 

Not All Training Is Equal

Thankfully there are regulatory bodies such as the American Board of Hypnosis ensuring the credibility and integrity of therapists and training providers available.  However, like all fields of study there are some who offer great learning but little in the way of experience or support after the course, leaving students to guess how to take their newly earned accreditation from the classroom to a successful career.

At The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, we offer one of the most comprehensive courses offered in Australia.  Our ‘Fastrack Hypnotherapy Certification Training Course’ is superior learning within the hypnosis field offering quality learning, practical application and on-going mentoring and support, following successful completion of the course.

We’re a small team of dedicated people who pledge to always deliver on our promises. We work together in a spirit of harmony, integrity, excellence and efficiency to ensure that every person we work with will be delighted with our ability to propel them forward on their personal journey towards health, happiness and professional excellence.

Our commitment is to assist our clients, students and graduates to reach outstanding levels of success whilst experiencing confidence in themselves and their own abilities.

Our goal is to be the premier source of therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in the world

Introduction to Hypnotherapy

If you feel you tick all of the boxes above perhaps, you’d like to dip your toes in before taking the plunge to a full hypnotherapy course. If this sounds like you join us for a half day online seminar ‘Introduction to Hypnotherapy’ where we’ll explore the basics of hypnotherapy, how you can integrate hypnotherapy in to your OWN life, hypnotherapy as a career and how to make it work for you.  You can also join the LIVE group hypnotherapy session to experience it for yourself – just click here to register! 

  • WHEN: 18th July 2021 (Sunday)
  • WHERE: Your Place Online
  • TIME: 9am till 1pm
  • Valued at $299 – Register today for only $49

If you wish to chat to me about either the webinar or the hypnotherapy course please reach out. You can request a prospectus of our training course ‘Fastrack Hypnotherapy Certification Training Course’ by calling or emailing me.  To speak to me by phone please book here: https://calendly.com/juanitabarton/20min or email: juanita.activatehypnotherapy@gmail.com

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