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Has Coming Out Of Lockdown Got You Feeling Anxious?

As we reach the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel there are more than a few people feeling anxious about returning to their ‘normal’ routines and lives. After becoming accustomed to living in our bubbles and having little need to deal with public transport, the wider community, school, workplaces, colleagues and face-to-face meetings, […]

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Perspective – Is Yours Holding You Back?

You’ve probably heard this before but there are generally two types of people in this world; those who are the eternal optimists who see the world with a ‘my cup is half full’ kind of vibe and the others who view things from the ‘my cup is half empty’ point of view. There is no […]

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The ‘Anger’ Loop

Almost everyone, or quite possibly EVERY ONE knows the feeling of anger – even very young babies are not immune to this powerful emotion.  Some people live with it in small doses and others hold so much anger it is difficult for them to cope.   Regina Meredith and Bill McKenna recently presented a segment on […]

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Hypnotherapy As A Career

Clinical hypnotherapists are in the fortunate field of exploring the power of the human mind. Even more fortunately, hypnotherapists get to witness what the power of the human mind can do to heal, invigorate and transform lives.  A hypnotherapist can undoubtedly fast-track a person’s healing and minimise the suffering of one’s physical, mental and/or emotional […]

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Besides working with clients for things such as quitting smoking, weight loss and anxiety, I work with clients who seek other life solutions. Many are seeking more success and abundance in their lives. These clients are all working hard to achieve success but nothing is working. There are those who just can’t hold on to […]

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Take a weight off your mind: How virtual gastric band hypnosis achieves lasting results

Obesity is a growing concern. By medical standards, obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of over 30. With our sedentary lifestyle, demand for convenient fast food, high stress levels, comfort eating, processed and fattening food choices, obesity is a national epidemic. I once attended a seminar to listen to world-renowned Dr […]

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You Were Only Born With 2 Fears, How Many Hold You Back Now?

Fears and phobias are very common and can affect people at varying levels.  A person might be scared of flying and it may be that they are nervous inwardly but get through it, while another person’s phobia of flying might manifest as a full-blown panic attack. No one is born with a phobia. In fact, […]

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Breaking My Family Cycle - Can We Really Change?

"When we heal from past hurts and trauma, we heal both future and past generations." Juanita Smith – Activate Hypnotherapy When I was a child, I was told to be quiet every time I spoke.  I grew up in an environment where there wasn’t a lot of conversation and in particular not directed toward me […]

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Using The Art of Self-hypnosis to Get What You Want

A fellow hypnotherapist shared her experience with me of practising self-hypnosis during a deep teeth procedure at the dentist. A deep teeth cleaning procedure cleans between the teeth and gums all the way down to the roots and typically requires a local anaesthetic. You know the drill… lol! Loud screeching drill reverberating right through to […]

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The Shortcut to Solve Anxiety

One of the first things I say to my clients who seek help to overcome anxiety is, "You are not an anxious or nervous person, it is just a program that your brain and body learned, and it makes you feel that way."  There is a reason that I'm always booked for weeks in advance, and […]

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